Joshua Armonio


I am a friend, a brother, and a son to the people who I am closely surrounded with. Growing up in a small city known as Iloilo in the Philippines, my parents raised me together with my 3 older sisters in a small and simple home. My mother played a critical role in my life in inculcating faith, seeding my spiritual foundation, and personal relationship with God. From my father’s influence, I have developed a substantial sense of curiosity that drives me to learn and grasp a deep understanding of humankind and our universe; Until today, I am fond of exploring spirituality, religions in the world, science, history, and cosmology.

Music has always been part of me as early as my elementary years. At around age 6, I remember being very excited to receive my first-ever electric keyboard from my grandmother for me to practice piano. Until then, I very much enjoy embracing and listening to a variety of music individually or with friends. I love the tunes all the way from the baroque, classical, and romantic eras to the melodies of the 60s and the sounds of today.

Upon immigrating to the United States at the age of 19 with the help of my eldest sibling, I continued my secondary education at Sierra College and earned my degree in Business Entrepreneurship at California State University Sacramento. I ventured to my interest in the field of digital media and started a small media company known as Macro Frame Media LLC. which catered towards different industries of SMEs and organizations. The media company created a mutual benefit between the businesses for which led brands to be positively impacted with growth, and myself, with its help of financial sustenance during college. Nearing my graduation, I was approached by an Intel technology director and business strategist Jyoti Das to start a growth consulting company, later named Avantaze Inc., with him and his co-founder Anand Padhye.

From the guidance and mentorship of Jyoti and Anand, working in Avantaze has been keeping me equipped with skills that partake in the business and enterprise world. With a team of skilled strategists, I engage in building efficient solutions, analyzing data, and architecting growth roadmaps for SMEs. My mentors have not only helped me develop my professional career but also created a constructive impact in my personal life.

Throughout my life till the present, numerous amount of failures, challenges, and tribulations take part in my journey, all of which are great opportunities for personal wisdom and profound experiences of being human. I continue to seek learning day-to-day in my short lifetime whether personally or professionally, evolve spiritually with the guidance of the Higher Being while creating deeper connections of people who surround me.


Portrait of Joshua Armonio
Joshua Armonio
Dan C. captured by Joshua Armonio

Professional Shoot

Painting by Erik Castellanos

Oil Painting